Situational Response Solution (SRS)

Pro2Serve’s advanced SRS effectively addresses the common site challenge of integrating all physical security voice and data assets onto a common operating platform providing total situational awareness and response.
Provides total situational awareness by integrating LMR with security and communication systems
Provides Blue Force Tracking using LMR Infrastructure
  • Uses proven LMR infrastructure, requiring little or no additional capital, installation, or O&M cost
  • Enhances response command and control by tracking devices used by the protective force
Provides Common Operating Platform
  • Integrates all geo-location, camera, sensor, voice, and data through existing LMR, wired, and wireless communication systems
  • Programmable rules-based engine that refines decision making and eliminates information overload

Our Nation's Security is at Risk 24/7 – Failure to Respond is Not an Option.




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