Integrated Safeguards and Security Management

Pro2Serve adheres to the principles of Integrated Safeguards and Security Management, ensuring a comprehensive security program is implemented at all levels within the company framework and is executed through the personal commitment of each Pro2Serve employee. There are no restrictions placed on Pro2Serve for reasons of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence. Pro2Serve has an exemplary record of successfully controlling and securing information for client projects. Our success in this area is directly attributable to the quality of our security plans and procedures developed in compliance with all federal regulations and applicable agency directives and in consideration of risk assessment results and current threat guidance. Pro2Serve is committed to a high level of security awareness and ensures personnel are trained to a level of proficiency and competence to make certain they are qualified to perform assigned tasks securely. Pro2Serve has also established a system of continuous monitoring and self-inspection activities to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement of security program implementation.

Secure Infrastructure

Pro2Serve’s facilities are designed to provide a robust, secure infrastructure to support efficient project execution of a full range of client projects. By implementing a graded approach and defense in depth protection strategy, Pro2Serve ensures the highest level of protection is provided to security interests and activities whose loss, theft, compromise, and/or unauthorized use would seriously affect the national security, departmental programs, our clients, the environment, and/or the health and safety of the public or employees. Pro2Serve employs protection program elements which afford the highest level of protection and accountability while sustaining a seamless infrastructure for efficient and effective project execution.