Approved Supplier List

Pro2Serve’s Quality Management System

Pro2Serve performs all project work in compliance with our ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System and our NQA-1 approved Quality Assurance Plan. The processes and procedures that comprise our Quality Management System provide the disciplined approach to requirements definition and project execution required to achieve success on every project. Fundamental to Pro2Serve’s Quality Management System is a method of assuring that our suppliers and subcontractors provide goods and services through either their own certified Quality Management System or Pro2Serve’s processes and procedures. To accomplish this, Pro2Serve maintains an Approved Supplier List, which includes:

  • Companies that have submitted evidence of a valid and current certification under an applicable ISO standard.
  • Companies that are approved by a Federal agency or the agency’s operating contractor under NQA-1.
  • Companies whose quality program has been reviewed and assessed by Pro2Serve and whose quality program and procedures are determined to provide an acceptable level of discipline and quality control.

Becoming an Approved Supplier

Companies interested in being on Pro2Serve’s Approved Supplier List should contact Lesli Alcorn in Pro2Serve’s Contracts Department via email: or phone: 865-220-4377.