National Security Programs

As part of our technical support services, Pro2Serve offers security solutions through engineering, integration, maintenance and analytical services — all to meet the full spectrum of needs in the security community. We are dedicated to providing support to campuses, municipalities, and industrial sectors that leverages our rich history of over 30 years in the defense, energy and science markets. Through proven responsive, cost-effective execution of critical security and facility infrastructure projects, Pro2Serve provides a truly full service solution specifically tailored to each client.

Full lifecycle nuclear material and weapon expertise

Nuclear Nonproliferation & Counterproliferation

  • Threat assessments and vulnerability analysis
  • Nuclear/Radiological material physical protection
  • Nuclear/Radiological material detection technologies and equipment
  • Nuclear Material Control and Accountability (NMC&A)
  • Nuclear material shielding, packaging, shipping, and transportation
  • Treaty verification, inspection, and monitoring
  • International training and assistance

Nuclear Operations

  • Special Nuclear Material Processing, Manufacturing, Handling, Packaging, and Transportation
  • Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing
  • Nuclear Conduct of Operations
  • Process Improvement/Optimization & Technology Planning
  • Uranium Enrichment Processes, Equipment and Facilities
    • Design
    • Licensing
    • Operational Readiness Reviews
    • Safety Analyses

Portable Outdoor Security

Pro2Serve has teamed with V5 Systems to provide the first truly portable outdoor security solution, featuring a state-of-the-art array of self-powered, turnkey solutions built on a customizable platform. Learn more.