Program Integration

Case Study: Creating Positive Partnerships with StakeholdersPro2Serve provides Program Integration services and solutions that optimize the management of complex program portfolios of high-value asset, capital-intensive projects. Our robust suite of Program and Project Management services enables comprehensive views of organization-wide programs for data-driven planning, performance measurement, and critical decision-making. Our exceptional level of support is augmented by innovative software tools — offering clients the most effective solution to manage and rapidly integrate diverse, multifaceted projects, programs, and portfolios.

Using cutting-edge technologies, Pro2Serve integrates multiple scopes and funding sources into a single view with sufficient granularity to effectively integrate management of an organization’s entire portfolio, whether consisting of task orders or a portfolio of projects or programs. We service clients across the DOE/NNSA complex to perform or support:

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Task Order, Project, and Program Tracking and Management
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Performance & Variance Reporting
  • Workforce Planning
  • Alternative Scenario Analysis

Through its people and tools, Pro2Serve allows its customers to:

  • Effectively Manage, Implement, and Execute Multiple Interrelated Projects
  • Enhance Communication and Collaboration with Project Interfaces
  • Create Positive Stakeholder Partnerships to Achieve Desired Outcomes

Program Integration cut sheet

Program Management and Integration

  • Lifecycle Baseline (LCB) and Performance Measurement Support
    • Development/maintenance of integrated, site-wide life cycle baselines
    • Tracking, analysis, and reporting on costs and schedule (including critical path) performance for projects
  • Earned Value Management
    • Proven project management and controls processes to monitor work; ensure compliance with DOE O 413.3B; and complete contract requirements
  • Program Planning and Budget Support
    • Alternative scenario analysis and comparisons
  • Finance and Accounting, Payroll and Benefits, Human Resources, Procurement, and Contracts Support
  • Stakeholder / Regulator Communications
  • Information Management
    • IT and Cybersecurity
    • Records Management
    • Document Control

Project Management and Controls

  • Project Planning
    • Plans consistent with DOE O 413.3B, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets
  • Estimating
    • Development of ICEs, IGCEs
    • Independent Cost Reviews (ICRs) to assess completeness and accuracy
  • Scheduling
    • Development / maintenance / integration of resource-loaded, logic-tied schedules
    • Project and contract sequencing
    • Detailed schedule analysis to include evaluation of change proposals; comparisons between contractor schedule submittals; evaluation of schedule quality, maturity, and additional attributes (critical path, constraints, milestones, logic, float, etc.)
  • Risk Analysis
    • Development / maintenance of risk registers and risk management databases
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis (cost and schedule and contingency planning)
    • Monte Carlo simulations and Probabilistic Analysis
  • Performance and Variance Reporting for projects and programs