Outdoor Security Solutions

V5 Portable Security Unit

V5 Systems’ flagship solution combines Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, and Ongoing Self Power to provide the most advanced outdoor security solution on the market today.

Pro2Serve – V5 Portable Security Unit
Pro2Serve – V5 Portable Streaming Security Unit
Pro2Serve – V5 Portable PTZ Security Unit
Pro2Serve – V5 Security Solutions Flyer


V5 Portable Gunshot Detection and LPR

Introducing the world’s first self-powered, truly portable Gunshot Detection Solution.

Pro2Serve – V5 Portable Gunshot Detection
Pro2Serve – V5 Portable License Plate Reader Unit


Forging New Paths in Outdoor Security

A revolutionary solution to protect our cities and campuses.

Pro2Serve – V5 Law Enforcement
Pro2Serve – V5 Campus Security


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