Using a disciplined systems engineering approach that is supported by an innovative software toolset, Pro2Serve provides solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our government and private industry clients.

InVizion: Founded in 2013, InVizion, LLC is a software company created to help government agencies and private utilities integrate information from various financial, project and work order systems to analyze and defend capital budget and roadmap decisions. InVizion LLC believes in extending your existing enterprise systems without costly integrations. InVizion empowers clients by presenting an accurate and holistic picture of their programs and projects — including hidden financial impacts of proposed changes. InVizion LLC has a proven track record of increasing productivity while improving program planning, tracking, what-if analysis and decision-making. Learn more.

VortexT: VortexT is a disruptive “Big Data Analytics” technology solution that cost-effectively transforms large volumes of raw, unstructured, textual data into valuable, actionable information at unparalleled processing speeds — requiring significantly less manpower and computer resources. Every aspect of VortexT is designed to improve the volume, speed, and accuracy of big data analysis while maximizing analyst efficiency. Major areas of application include national security, criminal investigation, healthcare, business process improvement, and any situation where large volumes of textual data need to be quickly and thoroughly analyzed. Learn more.

VortexT Analytics: VortexT Analytics was established in 2016 from technologies originating in national security. VortexT Analytics brings advanced data analytics to hospitals and healthcare systems to help its customers improve patient outcomes, lower the cost of care, and increase patient engagement. Our denials management analytics tools aggregate your data and make it simple to discover why denials occur. See trends and patterns in complex numbers; compare denial patterns and time to payment; search data intuitively; and group complex information to understand patterns, improve revenue, and speed time to payment. Learn more.

MyFo.Info: MyFo is a cutting edge software business that’s setting a new standard in how information is consumed — delivering just the news and information you want. The MyFo family of apps gathers and personalizes information daily for a variety of topics from sources around the world and delivers the most valuable information direct to you. Whether you are a professional, amateur, or simply interested in a sport, hobby or enthusiast area, you will get just the information you want, when you want it, covering the most relevant content generated during the last day, week, month, or year. The world’s best information in one place with no banner ads, popups, or annoying video ads. A growing list of MyFo.Info topics will keep you abreast of the latest and best information in your favorite areas. Learn more.

Portable Outdoor Security Solutions: Pro2Serve has teamed with V5 Systems to provide the first truly portable outdoor security solution, featuring a state-of-the-art array of self-powered, turnkey solutions built on a customizable platform. Easy-to-install, turnkey solutions include video surveillance, onboard analytics and an acoustic tracking sensor capable of detecting and pinpointing the location of gunshots. The flagship solution combines Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, and Ongoing Self Power to provide the most advanced outdoor security solution on the market today. Learn more.

EDGE: Pro2Serve’s EDGE tool (Engineering Decisions based on Graded Evaluations of Lifecycle Costs) provides an independent assessment of any project’s lifecycle cost, delivering a defensible and credible decision basis. EDGE: shows lifecycle cost impact of capital investment; establishes budget baseline for planning and accountability; brings visibility to O&M costs; and provides unbiased data for management to make defendable decisions. No matter where you are in your project lifecycle, EDGE provides value. Learn more.