Global Security Information Analysts LLC (GSIA)

GSIA enables organizations to achieve and exceed the return on investment expected from their big data projects through rapid, cost-effective analysis of large volumes of raw data.
Using advanced computational analytics and subject matter expertise, we:
  • Identify targeted information
  • Discover leading new information
  • Expose key strategic information relationships
GSIA’s subject matter experts apply VortexT, a revolutionary big data analytics tool powered by the award-winning Piranha software suite. Applicable to any market sector, VortexT delivers information of value hidden in large volumes of dynamic textual data.


Melding the software with subject matter experts and providing expert analytical services can have a profound impact on solving national security issues. Having direct involvement of the scientists who developed the software will obviously help our subject matter experts more effectively apply the software to solve critical problems for our government clients.–L. Barry Goss, PhD, Pro2Serve's CEO and Chairman

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